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Access a reliable, trusted source of historical digital currency exchange data on currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.
Explore millions of permit records for residential and commercial projects across thousands of local jurisdictions in the United States.
Explore US consumer, automotive, & property data with Verisk's risk management analytics and insights.
BP Environmental Services
Uncover insights on waste management and construction site activity across the US and Canada.
Learn about real estate risk assessment data related to the climate crisis.
Global Wireless Solutions (GWS)
Discover US mobile app engagement data from a panel of opted-in mobile consumers.
Exchange Data International (EDI)
Explore high-quality securities reference, corporate actions and pricing data for derivatives, equities, fixed income, and investment funds around the globe.
Browse reliable IP address data, where users can programmatically access the details on any IP address on the Web.
Browse Capology's comprehensive data on football player salaries and club financial statements.
WARN Tracker
Access US layoff data from 1988-2023 for research into labor market, industry, and geographic employment trends.
Explore BrightQuery's rich data about all taxpaying companies in the US, including firmographics, financials, credit risks, payroll, employee benefits, & more.
Leverage pass_by's US consumer foot traffic insights with added brand context to study mobility, real estate, retail, brand loyalty, & more.
Samba TV
TV viewership & advertisement exposure data for academic research, including content title, timestamp, product info, advertiser brand, DMA, & household details.
PDI Technologies
Research what consumers are purchasing with PDI Technologies (formerly Skupos) convenience store SKU-level POS data.
Access durable goods market & consumer survey data from TraQline for academic research into 40+ product categories, including purchase drivers & demographics.
People Data Labs
Company insights and workforce data including employee tenure, churn rates, work history, inferred revenue, and more for 28M+ companies worldwide.
Access REsimplifi's commercial real estate data with attributes including listing organization, listing type, property type, property name, photos, and more.
Learn more about WageScape's labor market intelligence data available for use in academic research, including historical wage data by job title and location.
View dataplor's global point of interest (POI). Discover detailed business information such as location, business category, and more.
Precise and detailed daily and hourly feeds of weather data from over 2000 weather stations in the United States.
Learn more about website visit & organic traffic keyword data for major worldwide brands provided by Similarweb for use in academic research.
Context Analytics
Explore a structured feed of financial and marketing textual data, generated from a proprietary universal parser and Natural Language Processor.
Understand consumer mobility at specific places (POI) or neighborhoods with foot traffic patterns data across the United States and Canada.
Event and demand intelligence data. Understand the local impact of events like concerts, weather, terrorist attacks, and more.
7 Chord
Real-time predictive pricing metrics for fixed income assets, from 7 Chord's proprietary AI system. Analyze nearly 20,000 bonds.
Browse SafeGraph's fresh and accurate points of interest, building footprint, and consumer behavior data.