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Context Analytics Textual Data for Academics

Clean, structured, & analyzed textual data

Context Analytics converts massive amounts of unstructured data from both alternative and traditional sources into machine readable feeds and searchable market intelligence. Leveraging a proprietary universal parser and Natural Language Processor, Context Analytics curates social media data, corporate flings, earnings transcripts, private company data, and proprietary client data.
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Normalized Social Sentiment Metrics

This social sentiment data feed aggregates Tweets and makes a comparison to the security’s own baseline to deliver 15 sentiment- and Tweet volume-based metrics.

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Context Analytics
Context Analytics
Context Analytics provides the financial and marketing communities with new data sources to evaluate company financials, enhance returns, and reduce risk. CA’s Patented Process is unique in the emerging field of AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, NLP Sentiment, Textual Parsing, Topic Modeling, and Source Rating.
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