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Dewey brings new data vendors into the academic research market. In some cases, Dewey is the exclusive place to access these datasets for research and teaching.

Search for and discover datasets
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Instantly access and download

Start using a number of free research datasets or easily subscribe to get started in minutes. No more managing confusing licenses from a bunch of different vendors.

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Dewey offers a number of ways for you to access the data so you can save time and choose the option that’s right for you. Our "publishing-friendly" terms mean the data is ready to use!

Data just how you want it

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Get access to multiple data providers
Search and discover new datasets
Download and use in minutes
Utilize publishing-friendly data terms
Save time with multiple data access options
Empower new research topics
Save time and avoid negotiations
Manage users and permissions
Reduce data management IT requirements
Easily understand contracts and costs
Support amazing research
Drive product usage and feedback
Unlock access to a new market
Drive revenue and enterprise referrals
Benefit from content, press, and brand awareness

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Data provided by
People Data Labs

Return to Office and the Tenure Distribution

Data provided by

Non-locality and Spillover Effects of Residential Flood Damage on Community Recovery: Insights from High-resolution Flood Claim and Mobility Data

Data provided by

The consequences of generative AI for online knowledge communities

Data provided by
The Warren Group

Green Neighbors, Greener Neighborhoods

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Why others are working with Dewey

The community has a huge amount of information and assistance available for working with geolocation data. It's been very cool to see all the research and findings coming in, whether they're about COVID or anything else.

Nick Huntington-Klein

Assistant Professor of Economics

Getting access to new and unconventional datasets has completely changed the direction of my research pipeline. Getting access to them on a platform designed for academics is icing on the cake.

Nicholas Hallman

Assistant Professor

Dewey's ability to make data from various vendors available to the academic community is great. The platform makes it easy to quickly discover and explore new datasets, helping me uncover new research topics.

Karen Ton

Assistant Professor, Accounting & Information Systems