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IPinfo for academic research

Ip address data for academics

IPinfo provides accurate IP address data, producing custom datasets on IP geolocation, company, mobile carrier and IP type. This data is commonly used to help with website optimization, gathering threat intelligence, or identifying new leads. IPinfo's data is included in the Dewey subscription.
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IP Geolocation

Easily look up billions of IP geolocation data at one time, accessing key information such as city, region/state, country, postal code, and coordinates of identified IP addresses.


IP to Company

IP to company insights provides firmographic data such as the name of the company, domain, company type, country, and AS level data.



Gather immediate IP Whois context with accurate and easy-to-use data fields, including Point of Contact (POC), Organization Identifiers (ORG), Networks (NET), and more.


Privacy Detection

Quickly look up billions of suspicious IPs, with data on IP addresses that are associated with VPN, Tor, proxies, relays, and more.

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IPinfo is the trusted source for IP address data with an enduring mission of providing the most accurate, reliable and actionable source of IP intelligence available anywhere. Using proprietary techniques and processing terabytes of data to deliver enriched IP data sets that empower people and teams around the world to deanonymize their internet traffic.
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