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Company Profiles & Work History for Academic Research

Company insights & workforce data from People Data Labs

People Data Labs provides a robust database of global company profiles, comprising 28M companies, 11M domains, 35M social handles, and 23K stock tickers across 250 countries and 100 industries. This raw data is tailored to power market and investment research, helping businesses and academics alike uncover global workforce trends.
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Company Insights

Premium company profile data including employee tenure, top company metro areas, employee growth and churn, and executive leadership changes. 

2010 - Present

People Data

Data from over 650M resumes to better understand the manpower behind a company, including work history, education, and more.

50 Years Historical Data
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People Data Labs
People Data Labs
People Data Labs enables thousands of engineering, data science, product, and other technical teams to build compliant, innovative, people data based software solutions. Founded in 2015, People Data Labs began as recruiting software, intended to help companies better understand and source candidates. Today, the PDL platform seeks to enable all companies to build compliant people data solutions. Their focus is on building the best data available by integrating thousands of compliantly-sourced datasets into a single, developer-friendly source of truth that’s used by leading companies to enrich recruiting platforms, power AI models, create custom audiences, and more.
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