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Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) for academic research

US mobile app engagement data for academics

Smartphones are with us most of the time and used for everything from completing daily life tasks and activities to communicating, entertainment, and social engagement. As a result, how consumers interact with their phone tells us a lot. GWS Magnify provides a new, more measurable and meaningful way to understand smartphone engagement — what apps are being used, for how long and by which demographic. Built around an anonymized, opted-in consumer panel, we unlock access to actual, predictive user data that can be used for academic research. GWS Magnify data is included in a Dewey subscription.
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U.S. Mobile App Engagement

Mobile App Engagement provides critical insights into smartphone engagement. Approximately 58 million data points are collected from an opted-in panel of Android smartphone users daily and reviewed for quality assurance before being made available. Data can be segmented and analyzed by demographics, geographical areas, longitudinal perspectives, vertical markets, and more.

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Global Wireless Solutions (GWS)
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Global Wireless Solutions (GWS)
As the world’s largest independent mobile insights consulting firm, GWS measures every aspect of how people live, work and play via their mobile devices – as well as how mobile network performance affects them. Combining our market-leading network benchmarking technology and methodology with deep behavioral data, we help businesses and organizations to drive innovation and deliver better customer experiences through mobile insights. GWS conducts wireless network testing, generates app analytics, and collects market data. We measure and evaluate network performance by conducting controlled, scientific tests; and we collect app usage, behavioral, and perception data directly from consumers. Championing the needs of mobile users by understanding and testing the things that matter to them, we’ve evolved our technology and services in step with the needs of industry and consumers for over 26 years.
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