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PredictHQ for academic research

Demand intelligence data

PredictHQ provides demand intelligence data for understanding the impact of real-world events. Details such as predicted attendance, geographic area of impact, TV viewership, and more are provided for 19 categories of attendance-based, planned, and unscheduled events. This data is often used to derive supply chain, staffing, and other operations-related insights.
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Unscheduled Events

Data about unpredictable and unscheduled events, including severe weather, disasters, airport delays, health warnings, and terror.

USA & Canada

Non-Attended Events

Data about non-attended events with a start and end date that are more fluid in impact, such as observances, public holidays, and school holidays.


All Attended Events

Data about gatherings with a start and end date/time, where people come together in one location for entertainment or business, such as a sporting event or concert.

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PredictHQ is a demand intelligence company that enables businesses to predict and adapt to the impact real-world events have on customer demand. Teams at Domino’s, Uber, Walgreens, Accor Hotels and other global businesses use PredictHQ’s API and Web Application for dynamic, precise, verified and scalable real-world events data to adjust their labor, supply chain, operate more efficiently, create better products and improve the customer experience.
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