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Access REsimplifi's commercial real estate data with attributes including listing organization, listing type, property type, property name, photos, and more.
PayerPrice provides transparency into US healthcare rates negotiated by providers and insurers.
Precise and detailed daily and hourly feeds of weather data from over 2000 weather stations in the United States.
WARN Tracker
Access US layoff data from 1988-2023 for research into labor market, industry, and geographic employment trends.
The Data Liberation Project
The Data Liberation Project increases accessibility to government datasets of public interest.
Browse Capology's comprehensive data on football player salaries and club financial statements.
Power research with rental listing information on neighborhood, building type and size, rental asking price, and specific property features.
Explore BrightQuery's rich data about all taxpaying companies in the US, including firmographics, financials, credit risks, payroll, employee benefits, & more.
Understand consumer mobility at specific places (POI) or neighborhoods with foot traffic patterns data across the United States and Canada.
Academic research access to real-time and historical US lobbying data from 1999 to present, including lobby firm, issues lobbied, dollar amount spent, and more.
The Warren Group
Academic access to the Warren Group's US property attribute and real estate listing datasets, including mortgage information, pre-foreclosure data, and more.
Context Analytics
Explore a structured feed of financial and marketing textual data, generated from a proprietary universal parser and Natural Language Processor.
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The community has a huge amount of information and assistance available for working with geolocation data. It's been very cool to see all the research and findings coming in, whether they're about COVID or anything else.

Nick Huntington-Klein

Assistant Professor of Economics

Getting access to new and unconventional datasets has completely changed the direction of my research pipeline. Getting access to them on a platform designed for academics is icing on the cake.

Nicholas Hallman

Assistant Professor

Dewey's ability to make data from various vendors available to the academic community is great. The platform makes it easy to quickly discover and explore new datasets, helping me uncover new research topics.

Karen Ton

Assistant Professor, Accounting & Information Systems

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