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Academic research access to real-time and historical US lobbying data from 1999 to present, including lobby firm, issues lobbied, dollar amount spent, and more.
Academic access to Factori's global consumer datasets, including mobility, location intelligence, and audience insights.
The Warren Group
Academic access to the Warren Group's US property attribute and real estate listing datasets, including mortgage information, pre-foreclosure data, and more.
Context Analytics
Explore a structured feed of financial and marketing textual data, generated from a proprietary universal parser and Natural Language Processor.
Browse Snapbizz consumer POS data for retailers in India to understand shopper basket SKUs, transaction records, and more back to 2018.
Access durable goods market & consumer survey data from TraQline for academic research into 40+ product categories, including purchase drivers & demographics.
Event and demand intelligence data. Understand the local impact of events like concerts, weather, terrorist attacks, and more.
Academic access to Chinese stock market and account data from CSMAR for financial and economic research.
Access billions of precise and pseudonymized GPS signals from around the world, plus context about which places those pings are coming from.
7 Chord
Real-time predictive pricing metrics for fixed income assets, from 7 Chord's proprietary AI system. Analyze nearly 20,000 bonds.
Regrid provides nationwide parcel boundary, property ownership, land use, and other standardized assessment data through their Data With Purpose program.
Civic Mapping Initiative
Geospatial data for community college campuses & technical schools, and their relation to public transportation, cleaned and ready to use for academic research.
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The community has a huge amount of information and assistance available for working with geolocation data. It's been very cool to see all the research and findings coming in, whether they're about COVID or anything else.

Nick Huntington-Klein

Assistant Professor of Economics

Getting access to new and unconventional datasets has completely changed the direction of my research pipeline. Getting access to them on a platform designed for academics is icing on the cake.

Nicholas Hallman

Assistant Professor

Dewey's ability to make data from various vendors available to the academic community is great. The platform makes it easy to quickly discover and explore new datasets, helping me uncover new research topics.

Karen Ton

Assistant Professor, Accounting & Information Systems

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