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Veraset mobility data for academic research

Global mobility insights

Veraset provides billions of precise and pseudonymized GPS signals from around the world, plus context about which places those pings are coming from. Now available for academic research, Veraset data is the most secure, privacy-compliant, and highest-quality source of mobility insights in the industry.
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Movement data is the largest and cleanest commercially available population movement dataset, providing billions of pseudonymized global GPS pings.

150+ countries
2018 - present


Visits data adds context to raw GPS pings by using a proprietary machine learning model to merge raw GPS signal with precise polygon places, showing which pseudonymous device visited which POI at which time.

2018 - present
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Founded in 2015 and rebranded in 2019, Veraset provides raw and pre-processed population movement datasets. Veraset datasets are the foundation of data-driven decisions, products and services by fueling innovation and empowering leaders in startups, enterprises and the public sector to understand and predict population movement. Veraset strives to create a great product and experience for customers in a variety of industries, including advertising, financial services, retail, telcom, real estate, consulting, urban planning, GIS, and more.
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