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User Generated Data
Explore datasets created by academics for use in their own research, now available to the wider academic community via the Dewey platform.
Event and demand intelligence data. Understand the local impact of events like concerts, weather, terrorist attacks, and more.
7 Chord
Real-time predictive pricing metrics for fixed income assets, from 7 Chord's proprietary AI system. Analyze nearly 20,000 bonds.
Access billions of precise and pseudonymized GPS signals from around the world, plus context about which places those pings are coming from.
Regrid provides nationwide parcel boundary, property ownership, land use, and other standardized assessment data through their Data With Purpose program.
Civic Mapping Initiative
Geospatial data for community college campuses & technical schools, and their relation to public transportation, cleaned and ready to use for academic research.
Discover media supply chain emissions data for academic research, including ad campaign, impression, and end-user device emissions.
Explore Kaiko cryptocurrency data for academic research, including tick-level trades, real-time and historical derivatives, price rates, and more.
Revelio Labs
Workforce intelligence data, including headcounts, company inflows & outflows, worker characteristics, employee sentiment, and more.
Open Source
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Join disparate datasets for various research topics

Easily link together datasets with join keys and bridge files

Fuel innovative research

Empower researchers from the world’s top universities to leverage and reference your data in their work
Help unlock new research opportunities by introducing more researchers to never-before-used datasets
Rapidly scale brand awareness through user-generated content that provides the social proof your target customers look for
Generate buzz about your data among top data scientists in an active community
Receive valuable product feedback to improve your enterprise products
Receive valuable product feedback to improve your enterprise products

Rapidly scale your brand

Instantly expand your user base to thousands of academics hungry for data
Drive revenue to your core channels by increasing your brand awareness and social proof
Reduce the the time-consuming work and cost of interacting with individual universities and navigating data usage agreements

See what other researchers are saying about Dewey

The insights uncovered through research play a critical role in innovation today, and we are proud to enable academics while also receiving invaluable product feedback from this highly technical audience."
Campbell Brown
CEO & Co-Founder
Dewey's ability to make data from various vendors available to the academic community is great. The platform makes it easy to quickly discover and explore new datasets, helping me uncover new research topics."
Karen Ton
Assistant Professor, Accounting & Information Systems
Choosing to unlock our data for academic research was an easy decision. We've seen researchers produce life-saving work while also providing invaluable feedback that helps us build the best possible product."
Auren Hoffman

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There are a number of ways data providers can work with Dewey to get their data into the hands of researchers. Onboarding is simple and in some cases we can get you up and running in less than a week.
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