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SafeGraph for academic research

Fresh, accurate, & precise data about places

SafeGraph data provides up-to-date information about points of interest around the globe. Updated monthly to reflect dynamic real world change, SafeGraph’s datasets include accurate and precise geocodes for places, as well as detailed context about those places, such as open date, place type, and related consumer behavior. These datasets are often used in research that explores geographic trends in economic conditions, migration, and risk modeling.
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Global points of interest (POIs), including lat/long coordinates, address strings, place name, brand affiliation, NAICS categorization, open/close dates, open hours, contact info, and more.

2019 - present


Precision polygons representing place footprints, including detailed spatial hierarchy metadata that denotes how places are related to each other (ie. stores inside a shopping mall, co-tenants in a plaza, etc.).

USA, Canada, and select countries
2019 - present


Aggregated, anonymized credit and debit transaction data associated to specific POIs, including median spend per day, median spend per customer, and other detailed statistics, as well as where else consumers spend money and the breakdown of online/offline spending.

2019 - present
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SafeGraph curates the most accurate and precise database of global points of interest each month to power products and research with a location component. As a source of truth for the physical world, SafeGraph data provides an up-to-date record of where places are located and detailed attribution about each of those places, such as when it opened or closed, what type of place it is, what other places it is affiliated with, and how people interact with that location. SafeGraph delivers high quality data in a unified schema to reduce time spent cleaning and munging data, and serves as a partner in data curation and sourcing for data users looking for a places dataset that reflects the real world.
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