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Revelio Labs for academic research

Workforce intelligence data

Revelio Labs is building the word’s first universal HR database and allows you to track human capital, at any company. They provide data on headcounts, inflows, and outflows at a very granular definition of worker characteristics, such as occupation, location, seniority, education level, gender and ethnicity. Revelio Labs also curates data on job postings, employee sentiment and lay-off notices, using a job taxonomy and cross-sectional scaling model to correct for the two main issues often seen in publicly reported data: inconsistency in job titles and representativeness of data. This data is regularly used by investors, corporate strategists, HR teams, academics, and governments for research.
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Individual-level Data

Individual user data such as full work history, full education history, and skills, including both models and enrichments in addition to the raw data, e.g. company mapping, role and skill taxonomy classifications, seniority, salary, gender and ethnicity etc.


Job Postings 

Unaggregated job listings from company websites, including enrichments such as role taxonomy and company mapping.


Employee Sentiment

Information from individual employee company reviews.


Layoff Notices

Layoff notice data from the WARN act, varying by company, state, and layoff instance. 

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Revelio Labs
Revelio Labs provides workforce intelligence, absorbing and standardizing hundreds of millions of public employment records to create the world’s first universal HR database and reveal current and historical workforce composition and trends of any company. Customers include investors, corporate strategists, HR teams, academics, and governments.
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