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US negotiated healthcare rates

In 2022, the CMS mandated that all US health insurers publish their negotiated healthcare pricing in a machine-readable JSON format (MRF), and update their data monthly. This dataset contains the contract rates between every US health insurer, every in-network provider, for every covered procedure. This is a radical step towards a transparent healthcare market. However, while insurers complied with the letter of the law, price transparency remains out of reach for most. Data volumes regularly exceed 600 terabytes per month, and the data format is difficult for patients, providers, and payers to use productively. PayerPrice leverages modern cloud tooling to build price transparency power tools. Our signature offering on Dewey is a highly performant data warehouse that supports SQL and Python analytic workloads. Our dataset contains all fields mandated by the CMS regulation. Our dataset does not differ in content, but in format. With PayerPrice, avoid parsing 600 TB a month and focus on answering your burning healthcare pricing questions at the speed of thought at low cost.
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Negotiated Rates

Negotiated rates for US healthcare providers

United States
2022 - present

NPI Provider Information

Information on National Provider Identifiers such as name, address, and location

United States
2022 - present

Billing and Service Codes

Complete list of billing and service codes

United States
2022 - present

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