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User Generated Research Data

Datasets created by academics especially for research

Academics often create their own innovative datasets for their research, and now Dewey enables that data to be shared with the wider academic community. Check out the unique datasets generated by Dewey users, then share your own to get valuable feedback and help others unlock new research topics.
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COVID-19 Effective In-Person Learning Database (EIPL)

Weekly estimates of school-level Effective In-Person Learning (EIPL) for approximately 70,000 public and private schools in the US. Submitted by André Kurmann (Drexel University) and Etienne Lalé (University of Quebec at Montreal)

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User Generated Data
User Generated Data
The Dewey community is made up of more than 15,000 academic users and data scientists conducting innovative research around the world. User generated datasets are created by members of this community for their own research, and then uploaded to the Dewey platform to share with other academics who could benefit from the unique insight.
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