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Snapbizz consumer POS data for research

Consumer basket data for Indian retailers

Snapbizz provides historical and current point of sale (POS) transaction data for mom-and-pop grocery retailers (kirana stores) in India, including SKUs of items purchased, purchase price, discount information, and more.
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POS Transaction Data

Consumer shopping basket data for kirana stores in India, including MSRP, sale price, and more.

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In a diverse market like India, where the traditional “kirana” stores make 98% of store coverage and 85% of the business among them, the top 5% (4-5 lakh stores) contribute to 30%+ of business. Snapbizz has created a disruptive solution to address the business needs of the FMCG ecosystem (brands, retailer, consumer, and distributor) in large/medium “kirana” stores. The solution benefits retailers with improved profitability by using contextual visibility and smart store management. Snapbizz is the only source of shopper basket data from FMCG traditional sales of India. This data offers third eye to the FMCG eco system alongside the retail measure of Nielsen and household panel of Kantar.
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