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Scope3 data for academic research

Carbon emissions data for online digital advertising

Scope3 provides website and ad delivery supply chain emissions data, helping companies understand the carbon emissions associated with every business decision.
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Base Emissions

Total emissions of an impression, including publisher content creation (scope 1, 2, and 3) and the end-user’s device emissions. Excludes the emissions from the AdTech path the impression took and the emissions from the creative.

Supply Path Emissions

Total emissions associated with the supply path from the inventory ad slot and the complete graph of all advertising parties involved, including the scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data of each party involved per impression.

Creative Emissions

Total emissions associated with the creative delivery, including the networking and CPU costs of delivering and rendering creative.

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Scope3 was started to build a model that predicts and understands the emissions of every single part of the advertising supply chain. Today, Scope3 data is trusted as the source of truth for emissions measurement, reporting compensation and reduction by organizations in every segment of the media and advertising industry. Foundational to Scope3's solutions is a unique and powerful methodology that delivers accurate, trustworthy and end-to-end data model of digital supply chain emissions. The robust and detailed model of website and ad delivery emissions draws from the full complement of data of sources, both private and public, and is augmented by machine learning and computational modeling.
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