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Regrid Data for Academic Research

Land parcel & property data

Regrid provides over 120 columns of US parcel boundary, property ownership, land use, and other standardized assessment data covering 99% of the US population. Containing more than 155 million parcels, this rich property dataset shapes location intelligence across industry workflows and academic research.
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Nationwide Parcel Boundaries + Assessment Data

More than 155M US parcel boundaries and 120+ columns of property attributes.

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State-Level Parcel Boundaries + Assessment Data

State-level cuts of US parcel boundaries appended with more than 120 columns of property attributes.

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Regrid provides nationwide coverage of United States parcel boundaries and 120+ columns of standardized assessment, land use, ownership data, and more. Regrid's nationwide dataset of 155+ million parcel boundaries covers 99.9% of the US population. The Data With Purpose program from Regrid licenses Regrid's national parcel data for academic uses on a "Pay What You Can" basis that is evaluated on a case by case basis.
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