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Employment & Job History Data for Research

Employment history insights from Live Data Technologies

Live Data Technologies provides the most accurate and up-to-date B2B contact data for unmatched insight into employment history, job changes, and more. Contact information is verified and updated through a patented process that continuously monitors the open web for website information, blog posts, tweets, social posts, resume updates, press releases, and similar digital signals that suggest a title or job change. Live Data Technologies’ database and datasets currently cover over 70M people at 2M companies and are updated in near real-time – including over 30K job changes daily.
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Open to Work - Job History

Job history for individuals that are currently unemployed or "open to work, including up to 10 layers of job history for over 3.3 million people. 


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Live Data Technologies
The workforce is dynamic and your data needs to be dynamic too. Said differently, your data needs to be LIVE! Started from the understanding that the open web is where we all go to find the most up-to-date information on whatever we want to know, Live Data Technologies is the gold standard in real-time job change data for the modern, dynamic workforce. Live Data continually verifies, corrects, and updates B2B contact data for over 70M people at 2M companies, and is constantly working on providing more and better data delivery options so that those who rely on data accuracy and freshness can consume the data they need, how they need it.
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